Saturday, March 04, 2006

Movies and babies

Or, lack thereof.

I was hoping to have two more Oscar movie reviews for you this weekend, as the awards are tomorrow night. I had planned to see "Good Night and Good Luck" and "Transamerica." But, I don't think I will. I had an insane week, and I'm just too worn out to make it work. I'll see them eventually, and probably when they come out on DVD. (New parents have advised me to get in all the movie theater time I can now, because once baby comes, that won't happen anymore).

I went to the doctor yesterday. I hadn't had an internal exam for a few weeks, so I was anxious to see if anything was progressing. Nope. Basically, we shouldn't expect to meet our little boy until after his due date. But who knows. She also said as soon as he decides to drop, everything could change rather quickly. I am dealing with some swelling in my legs and hands, which is causing neuropathy in my right hand. I guess the swelling constricts some nerves around my wrist, and my hand always feels like it's falling asleep. I'm getting used to it, but it's annoying. Other than that, I'm not terribly uncomfortable, and I really don't mind being pregnant for however long I need to be. Except that we want to see this kid! I want to feel his little feet--and not through the walls of my uterus! So, here's a new game (now that the Christmas light fiasco is over). Guess Jackson's birthday! Official due date is March 15th. Let's see who can get the closest to his actual arrival date. Let the guessing begin. (You should know that I don't plan to be induced unless medically necessary).

Well, I'm off to take down our Christmas lights. Gotta take advantage of a sunny, somewhat-above-freezing day in March!


Jan said...

St. Patrick's Day sounds like a good birthdate to me. : )

Is there any Irish blood running through those tiny veins?

sleeping with bread said...

I love March 20th!

-Lisa- said...

I'm gonna guess March 18th, it's my dad's birthday... easier to remember!

Hey... i found your house without the lights.. :) helped that there were a bunch of cars in the driveway :)

gloria said...

Of course I'm picking March 15th. "beware the ides of March!" :)

lalimama said...

Do I dare choose a date?
Maybe not this time. Neither of my kids came on their due dates. #1 was 9 days early, and #2 was 2 days late.
Blessings on your heavy and tired body. Get used to the sleepless nights, but know that the bloated feeling will be gone before you know it. Now, get away from the computer and rest those feet!

Danb said...

I'm guessing that my son will come just after my test... so I'm saying the weekend of the 18-19th or so... Love ya hon!