Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Dear little one,

Well, we have successfully made it to your due date. I have to tell you that way back when we first learned that you would be joining our family, March 15th felt like years away.

The good news came with a little blue line on a home pregnancy test. Your dad and I were ecstatic! We couldn't believe it. So much that I took two more tests over the course of the week. I got through a couple of weeks without feeling too icky. Unfortunately, I counted my blessings too early and ended up feeling pretty pukey for over a month. Luckily it was summer and I could just stay in bed if I wanted to. :)

In August, we took you to the Boundary Waters. Actually, we took you into the waters quite literally. But I think you liked it. In October, we had an ultrasound that showed us you were a boy. We were so excited to know! So were your grandparents--they enjoy referring to you by name.

The holidays were fun. We loved thinking about how things would be next year with you around. You'll surely be the center of our attention! Around Christmas, you really started to move and groove. Dad even got to feel you kick. Feeling (and watching) you move is one of my favorite things. And soon I'll get to see it in real life!

Once the new year arrived, your coming seemed very close and very real. We registered for baby gifts, finished your room, and packed our bags for the hospital. Better safe (and early) than sorry! We had many showers in your honor (and there are more to come once you're here!) and people blessed us with lots of gifts.

And now we are here. March 15th. We are very anxious to meet you! We're sure you are already a pretty cool kid. There are so many people out here who are anxious for your arrival and already love you. Maddie and Ruby will be sad that all of this fun baby stuff isn't for them. Maybe you can share. :)

We are thanking God for bringing you into our lives and we pray that he will bless you. See you soon!



Danb said...

I couldn't say it better myself. Love you darling... and Jack, see ya soon bud.


diane patrick said...

What a lucky little boy to have you two as his parents. You're obviously excited and it's even more obvious that you'll be great parents. I hope you get to meet him soon! I'm looking forward to meeting him in about 4.5 months! Best of luck when he's ready to make his big appearance. We're far away, but thinking of you often!

MrsGiggles said...

*tears, tears, tears*
That was a beautiful note to your little boy! I hope he comes soon!!

lalimama said...

Welcome to the world, little Jack!

MrsGiggles said...

Has Jack finally arrived?!

Juicy said...

Come on!! Is he here?!?!