Monday, January 30, 2006

My most sincere apologies

Back in December, I awarded "bloggies" to many of you. Just some fun awards for various blog accomplishments over the course of 2005.

Little did I know that there are ACTUAL blog awards called the Bloggies! I came across this fact while reading a very funny blog, waiter rant. The author of this particular blog is nominated for "Best American Weblog." And for the record, I hope he wins. He makes me laugh out loud. I think I gained more of an appreciation for his stories after Dan's experiences with PF Chang's.

But on to the purpose of this post. If anyone from The Sixth Annual Weblog Awards--The 2006 Bloggies comes across my use of "bloggies" to refer to blog awards, please know that I did not intend to steal the term from you. I thought I was being clever. Apparently I was wrong. Furthermore, if you would like me to refer to my awards by a different name, just say the word. Granted, it will take me a while to think of a new name, but I'll do it.

Also, the lights are still on.

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