Monday, November 14, 2005

Pregnant dreams

I have mentioned before that I have very pregnant dreams. Mind you, that refers only to my crazy mind and the random nature of the dream itself. No one in the dream is actually pregnant.

Last night I dreamed about fellow blogger, Julie. In my dream, Julie had come across a website of a rock star, and she started blogging about how this was the man she was going to marry. Then Gloria read Julie's blog and also started blogging about how Julie had found the man she was going to marry. Well, between the two of them, this "rock star" found out about Julie's intentions and decided that he really wanted to get married too, and he talked about how it was such a "God thing." Julie, in the meantime, changed her blog site to "" However, both Julie and her husband-to-be were very cautious about their relationship because being married to a rock star can be tricky business. They were, however, a very cute couple.

I shared this with Julie. Other than a quick "Wait! Is this how you really think of me?" she was amused. So amused, in fact, that she is really taking this whole thing to heart. And I have to say she's making my day.

Check out Julie's new path in life here. Enjoy!


gloria said...

Crazy and hilarious!

timbu said...

I thought I was the only one who had crazy dreams directly followed by me feeling compelled to tell my friends about their guest appearances in my dream.

-Lisa- said...

can you "make" yourself dream something? like, if you think really hard about something before you go to sleep, and then dream it?
just a thought..
cuz i'd sure like to know whom I am going to marry.. haha JK!!

-Lisa- said...

ps. i used that "whom" in the wrong context, didn't i?