Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bye bye, blue tape!

June, 2004. Move into new home in Maple Grove. See obvious need for improvement. Tackle kitchen and bathroom with plans for continued efforts at a later date.

May, 2005. Later date arrives. Summer seems like an optimal time to continue with the home improvement projects, most of which involve paint. Leave Home Depot with a BUNCH of stuff.

June, 2005. School gets out. All right, time to start. Where do we start? With blue tape. Taping off proves to be a very time-consuming job.

July, 2005. Actually begin to paint. Dark trim is to become "Tibetan Jasmine," walls will transform into "Parisian Taupe." Sounds pretty.

July 7, 2005. Positive pregnancy test. Hmm, I better really get going on this painting before I get sick or too tired to do anything.

A few days later in July, 2005. Damn. I'm sick and too tired to do anything.

Middle of July, 2005. Despite the need for frequent breaks to the bathroom or to bed, painting commences. Although things are slow going, I resolve to finish by the start of school.

September 6, 2005. School begins. Painting is not done. But we're so close. All that is really left is fixing the office/baby room since the grey turned out to be pretty ugly, and finishing the entry way. The latter requires a ladder. We don't have a ladder. Entry way remains taped off. We appear to be in a constant state of remodeling. But we aren't.

November 20, 2005. Office truly becomes baby room. "Celery bunch" is much more appropriate than ugly grey.

November 25, 2005. Borrow ladder from friends. You know, one of those awesome ladders that has its own info-mercial.

November 26, 2005. Entry way is completed, thanks to the ladder and some Christmas tunes on the stereo. Granted, a pregnant woman shouldn't work on a ladder when it is too high, so the cutting in at the top is left for Dan. But it looks so nice. And clean.

And the blue tape is gone. Victory!


-Lisa- said...

Yay! Congrats on the victory of no tape!! I want to see it! :) (the walls, not the tape, that is) :)

mjonthemove said...

congrats, erin. you are going to be a mommy soon. YAY! I'm happy that your home is getting ready. I hope you are having a good night, friend.

julie said...

what a great feeling! so glad it's all done... now you can cozy up this winter and enjoy it!

david said...

Who cares that it took a few months longer than planed? What matters is that you kept at it and it got done! Good work! Now to focus on getting ready for the baby!

Jaime G said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy, enjoy! Houses are so patient...

-Lisa- said...

thanks Erin.. you make me smile :)

gloria said...

hurrah! We remodeled the family room/office about a year ago and still haven't finished the trim around the window and the cold air return vent. I'm impressed with your determination!