Friday, November 11, 2005

Obsessive, but not so compulsive

I have a weird obsession. I almost feel weird sharing it because it is so outrageous. I have an idea of where it began (I'll get there), but that reason doesn't make this any more normal. My obsession?

License plate tabs.

No lie. When I am driving or waiting in traffic, I scan the cars around me for green tabs (2005) to see when they expire(d). Usually they will expire in November or December. Once in a while there is an October out there. Even an August or a June. The worst? A couple of weeks ago, I saw an April. Yikes! How do these people not get pulled over for this?

Better yet, why do I care? I mean, seriously. What good is my noticing going to do? It's not like I jump out of my car while waiting at a stop light and tap on the guilty person's window to inform them of their rule breaking. (Frankly, if it gets to that point, I'll seek help). No, I just make the mental note of how out to lunch people are and go on my merry way.

Now, a little history. Although, there is absolutely no explaining this away now. You all think I'm nuts.

Four years ago, Dan and I were driving home from a wedding in Willmar. We were in a small town where the speed limit had unexpectedly dropped from 50 MPH to 35 MPH. Needless to say, I was pulled over for speeding. As it turns out, I had no proof that I owned the car. I had never received the title in the mail from the man who sold it to me. Therefore, I also didn't receive a notice from the DMV that my tabs were in need of renewing. So, there we sat, a looming speeding ticket, no proof of vehicle ownership, and tabs that were three months overdue. Luckily, I got the nice police man who only gave me a ticket for the speeding and a warning for the rest. But from them on, I always thought, "Expired license plate tabs are a dumb reason to get pulled over." So I have tried to be on top of when our tabs are due. And the tabs of every car in the greater metropolitan area, apparently.

Here's a little license plate trivia, in case you didn't know. You have a one-week grace period to get new tabs. For instance, if your tabs expire in November, you have until December 8th to get new ones.

I can't wait to see what color the 2007 tabs will be!


sleeping with bread said...

Whew! I am safe in your eyes . . . (smile)!

gloria said...

What a crazy, fun little habit. I didn't know you could even see the month tab while at the stoplight. I've been obsessed with looking for my initials on license plates since I was in college. Now I have a new way to entertain myself while in transit! Goodie!