Friday, September 02, 2005

Hooray for high pollen counts!

Yes, the pollen level is at 10.5 on a 12-point scale right now. The pollen "forecast" for the next few days is quite high as well.

In case you are curious, the primary pollens at this point in the season are ragweed, nettle, and chenopods. :)

If you are a fellow allergy sufferer, please delight in the fact that you can take whatever the heck you want to relieve the symptoms. All my pregnant self is allowed to take is benadryl. Unfortunately, if I did take benadryl, or any other "safe antihistamine," I wouldn't be coherent until at least Tuesday.

So, this weekend, I sneeze. Anybody with me?!


Matt Patrick said...

We were hoping that life would be different over here in that regard. As it turns out, we think that Diane is allergic to the entire country of Slovakia!
Here when you sneeze, people say "Na zdravie" which means "to your health!" Needless to say, we have been hearing that a lot.

gloria said...

Pete's with you and now we've noticed Olivia is with you too. :(

jeffmacsimus said...

Here and I thought I was developing an allergy to Malette's dogs....