Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bloggers of the world united

So this morning at church was the great unveiling. Actually, it was the great meeting of fellow bloggers. But after a while, it felt more like an unveiling. Like the face I hide behind the writings on this page has lost its anonymity. I felt exposed.

But I also felt a little bit of community. It was nice to put some faces to a few names.

On another note, a couple fellow bloggers asked how I have been feeling. And it occurred to me that I never really annouced with great rejoicing the end of my "morning" sickness. Which is surprising because it was a rather glorious time! The end of that road came just in time for school to start, in fact. I'm feeling much more normal. Well, as normal as you can feel when you are wearing jeans with a maternity panel in them. (I'm hoping they get more "comfortable" as the baby grows into them...).

Welcome to those who didn't know my name until this morning. And to the "regulars," thanks for being faithful. :)


sleeping with bread said...

Felt exposed?! I love you already!

david said...

What? Did I miss the party? Dang it all! Thats what I get for running away for the weekend. I'll be at church this Sunday, maybe I'll catch you then. And congrats on the conclusion of morning sickness!

You need materinty pants now? It has been a while since I last saw you, I don't think you were showing at all previously.

Erin Bennett said...

"Showing" might be pushing it, although I definitely feel like I have a belly. But more than that, my regular clothes simply don't fit, and I'm not about to buy an "interim" wardrobe of bigger clothes. :)

gloria said...

(I'm hoping they get more "comfortable" as the baby grows into them...).
Maternity clothes suck! period. (or maybe lack of a period, tee-hee)