Friday, January 30, 2009


Baby Bennett is the length of a bell pepper. In honor of this comparison, I bought a beautiful red pepper to add to my salad today. It was most convenient to stop at Byerly's because I had just been at Babies R Us, and let me tell you--bell peppers are more beautiful at Byerly's. They are also $3.99/pound, so I only got one. And the smallest one I could find. But it was delicious. As was the rest of my salad.

Dan and I are officially beginning to prepare our house for this new addition. Even though we've got 5 months, the nesting is setting in early this time. We're going to attempt to have Jack and Baby B share a bedroom. This weekend we'll be adding a toddler bed to Jack's room and introducing him to it. (The idea kind of freaked him out at first and he would whine, "Jack no like big boy bed," but something shifted when he realized that he had to move to a different bed so that the baby could have the crib. This morning I reminded him that tomorrow was the big day. "Oh, yay! Big boy bed!") It will also require moving a bunch of toys that have migrated up to his bedroom back down to the playroom. Toddlers acquire a lot of stuff. Since he won't actually be around for the organizing, we might be purging a bit, too. Shhh, don't tell. ;)

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