Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diversionary tactics for a three-year-old

Okay, he's almost three. 34 months. Close enough.

Pretty much my least favorite event of the day is getting out of the house in the morning. Getting Jack and myself fed, dressed, and everything in between is just not something I excel at. It wouldn't be so bad if it just involved eating, dressing, etc. With Jack, it involves too many "everything in betweens." He has to pee. He has to try to poop. He has to try to poop again. He has to set up his house of blocks just right (because the cats are the only ones home during the day and they're particularly picky about Jack's block houses). He has to get another drink of milk.

But most of all, he has to pack his bag. It's generally just a plastic or paper grocery bag. He'll start filling it with toys and random items from around the house. A bouncy ball, a bag of goldfish crackers, a few crayons, a matchbox car. He knows that he can't actually take the bag into his home daycare. It will stay in the car all day. But that does not deter him from putting every ounce of thought into the packing. Well, this morning involved more than just thought. It involved entirely too much emotion. He couldn't find his hockey stick.

"Jack, come on, let's get your jacket on."

"Hold on," which actually comes out as one word: hol-on. The other day he even made it sound like he had a Jewish accent. You know, that hard H sound like in the beginning of the word challah.

"No, Jack, we need to go. Let's put your jacket on."


"Okay, we can look, but we don't have much time."

So we looked. Unsuccessfully. And I finally insisted that we leave anyway. That involved carrying a screaming child out to the car. The screaming turned into a sob: "" Sorry, Charlie. We're running late.

On our way, I decide that this is no way to leave him at daycare. He's beside himself. So as we turned at a stop sign where the sun is generally RIGHT in his eyes, I said, "JACK! WHERE IS THE SUN?"

"I don't know." Which actually comes out "Ah-no."

"I think it's still sleeping! The sun decided to sleep in!"

"Yeah!" Ooh, a cheery tone. We're on the right path....

"Can you say, 'WAKE UP, SUN!'?"


"Can you say, 'STOP TAKING A NAP!'?"


"Can you say, 'IT'S TOO CLOUDY!'?"


Ah, we did it. The rest of the way down the road, Jack could not stop talking about how the sun was taking a nap. We got out of the car and he looked up. "Mommy! No sun!"

Success. :)


Holly said...

That is funny. Two things: 1) Caeden has to try to poop about 10 times before he can actually make a deposit 2) the other day he said, "Look Mom, the sun is on!"

amy + ryan said...

oh, erin, you're good. very good.

-Lisa- said...

distraction, if at the right timing at situation can be SUCH a brilliant sollution! I didn't spell that right and at the moment I'm kind of jittery because of some highly caffinated coffee and I'm not patient enough to think about how to spell it.. or caffinated either. :)

Ann said...

Wynn loves watching "Ni Hao, Kai-lan" (kinda like a Chinese version of Dora). Their routine is that the sun is sleeping, and the kids need to tickle it to wake it up. She dutifully stands in front of the TV and wiggles her fingers along with Kai-lan. Big, surprised laughs every time that cartoon sun wakes up!