Friday, October 10, 2008

I *heart* Home Service Plus

I've told you about my broken oven. It's been 10 days since my oven has produced anything resembling heat. When I called on Tuesday, they scheduled a service call for Thursday. When the guy on Thursday came, he had to order a part. When I got the part in the mail on Monday, I had to call for a second appointment for the installation. The installation was today. Unfortunately, the back and forth has resulted in a week and a half without my oven. BUT, the good news is in what is written on my repair records:
First visit, labor: $120
Second visit, part: $250
Second visit, labor: $50
Grand total: $420
Why is this good news? Because, dear blog reader, we have CenterPoint Energy Home Service Plus. The great little insurance plan that adds a minimal amount to our monthly bill and REALLY saves our butts in situations like this. Grand total for us, the Home Service Plus customer? $0. Awesome. :)
This cookie baker is back in business!

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amy + ryan garvin said...

wow! that's amazing. and SO worth it!!