Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things #2

Mess-free fun.

Jackson turned two almost a month ago, and two of his gifts are just rocking our world around here. Number one:Aquadoodle! This isn't the exact one that Jack has, but this thing is amazing. It's a mat that you put on the floor or a table, and a pen that you fill with water. When water touches the mat, it makes marks and you can draw pictures without worrying about spilling paint or getting marker on the wall or crayon on the piano (yeah, been there). The only downside (according to Jack anyway) is that the images fade to fast (as soon as the water dries). He gets frustrated. I think it's a good thing because it makes room for more pictures. Anyway, on to

number two:
Crayola color wonder! It's the same concept as the aquadoodle--the special paint, markers, and crayons can only color on the special color wonder paper and coloring book. Jackson thinks they are just awesome! We had a lot of fun with the paint today, and our art is now displayed on our sliding deck door. :)

Ah, lazy Sunday afternoons!

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-Lisa- said...

oh, Joshua and SArah LOVE their color wonder stuff!! Such genius minds at Crayola :)

love you