Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 years (well, close enough)

My dearest Jackson,

You are a two-year-old! How did that happen? Two years ago I was getting used to the joy of being a mother and had a tiny (well, that's all relative) little boy in my life. Your arrival at 1:36 am on March 19, 2006 made me a mom. And that's a job I have adored from the first moment.

Your first year of life was exciting because of all of the "firsts" involved. The second year was exciting because you started to become this little person. I mean, you were always technically a "person," but you really just started growing up. You started saying things and interacting more and developing your own opinion about life. That's a fun one!

It's only been 6 months since the last update, and there wasn't a LOT of activity to report on. It is winter in Minnesota, after all. We did get to celebrate your second Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On Halloween, we went to A Night in the Light at church and you dressed as a pumpkin! You really wanted to be a duck, but they didn't have your size. :) Your friend Eli was a puppy. You were both so cute! Thanksgiving was pretty low-key, but we learned how much you love mashed potatoes. Yum! Christmas with a 21-month-old was awesome! So much more exciting than the year before. You were much more into everything and loved opening gifts. You got lots of fun stuff from so many generous people.

January brought a BIG change for our family--I got a job! It's wonderful and I absolutely love it. But it meant putting you in daycare. Luckily we found someone that we really like and you really like being there. You have lots of friends and I think the interaction is really great for you. And you still have your Gigi two days a week, so it's a nice balance between social interaction and getting all of the attention. ;)

Your recent fascinations: guitars (Uncle John got you a mini acoustic for Christmas), monkeys (you love EVERYTHING Curious George!), trucks (especially books about trucks), fish sticks, M&Ms, going on the big boy potty (and getting an M&M for doing so!), and squirrels. Although, that's the funniest sounding word coming out of your mouth. "Queous" or something. But you know all about how they live outside and like to go on the roof. Oh, you are too funny!

We love you so much, Jack! And I think you love us too. :) Just last night, I slammed my finger in the door when I was leaving your room. When I went back in (because you weren't going to sleep very easily), you scurried to a standing position, grabbed my hand, and kissed the CORRECT finger! You just blessed my heart. You are so sensitive and loving, and I never want that to change! You are just the best kid ever. Here's to tackling the Terrific Twos with grace and gusto!

Love you darling,

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Mom said...

I never get through your letters to Jack without getting choked up. His existence in our family just fills me up. It's a physical heart feeling. Thanks for being such good parents to our sweet grandson. We love you.