Sunday, April 29, 2007

blogging, burgers, birthdays, and brooms

So I have been neglecting my blog lately. I'm sorry. It could be worse. Jeff hasn't posted since Christmas. (Yuletide Musings anyone?) Don't even get me started on Joel. But I digress. I'm back, and I have some mindless things to say.

I had a really good hamburger today. Do you ever see a commercial for something and the advertising does its job so well that you run out and get/eat whatever it was, only to be sorely disappointed? Well, I have seen this particular Ruby Tuesday commercial for their Triple Prime burger, and we finally got there today (to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday) and I got it. I was not one bit disappointed. I think it was one of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. I'm still reveling in the scrumptiousness of it!

Jackson is the coolest kid ever. He is almost 14 months, and he is running around and babbling like crazy. Someone pointed out that I didn't write him a letter for 13 months (which was April 19th) and asked if I am done with that now that he is 1. Here's the thing. I'm not done, because it's one of my favorite things to do. But there really isn't something new to report every month these days. So my plan is to do it at 18 months, and then maybe every year. Also, the prospect of doing it every month once we have four kids is a little daunting. :) The woman whose blog I got the idea from only has one child, a daughter, who is now 3. She still writes her newsletter every month. They're on month 38!

One thing that I would have written in Jack's 13-month letter is about his new fascination with brooms. It is absolutely hilarious! He spotted a big push broom on our deck a few weeks ago and hasn't forgotten it. He stands at the sliding door and babbles at it. ("Come on! Let me play with you!"). He got his hands on one at the house I do daycare in, and proceeded to carry it around all day. It got to the point where he screamed when I had to take it away to put him down for his nap. What a kid! Well, since we are Swiffer people, we did not have a broom to offer our son. What awful parents we are. We quickly remedied the situation at Target a couple weeks ago. $1.39. I guarantee that's the cheapest toy I ever buy him. And probably the one that will give him the greatest enjoyment!

That's all from our neck of the woods. I hope you are all enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. It makes me long for summer!


Anonymous said...

Good use on the word scrumptiousness. I've seen those commercials too and have always wanted to try one.

Love, Sean

-Lisa- said...

good update! :)

david said...

Get him hooked on brooms early and you might get some help around the house. Never say no to a kid that wants cleaning equipment!