Sunday, November 19, 2006

Picture time! Yay!

Jack insists on proving to me that he can, indeed, feed himself. We're not sure how much of the sweet potato puree actually ended up in his mouth.

Jackson and Connor conversing over the exersaucer toys. This is Jack's "fake" smile.

Jackson the dragon, Kaelin the kitty, and Connor the bear on Halloween.

Naked baby!

Bathtime with Mimi. So silly!

"Help! There are gates everywhere all of a sudden! They've trapped me in!"

Playing with Lucy.

Now, for the other babies in our life:

This is Lucy on top of the cupboards. She usually gets up and then can't figure out how to get back down, so she sits and stares at us until we help her. It's rather pathetic. :)

This is Lucy sporting the latest in cat accessories, glowing green eyes. Something happened with the flash from the camera, but how spooky does she look?


gloria said...

Oh, so that's what steve's been up to! I wonder if he misses blue? (tee hee)

jackie lea said...

So I visit your blog to discover that you have named your child after ME. How lovely!! ;-)

But seriously, Erin, he is GREAT. What a cutie!!! I'm so glad to reconnect with you!

Erin Bennett said...

Gloria, you crack me up. It took me forever to figure out which picture made Jack look like Steve, then I realized it was Dan. He got a kick out of it too. :)