Friday, August 11, 2006

Baby news

Well, before I could even announce that Jackson had popped his first tooth, he had a second one. That's right, Mr. Jack has his two front bottom teeth! Sharp little buggers. :) Here are some recent pictures of our big man.

Happy, happy, happy!

Tummy time. Soon it will be "crawling time" and "rolling over time."

Lounging with Ruby. They are very good friends. :)

This is a little off center. The only way I could get him to smile this big was to hold the camera away from myself and make faces. :)

Jackson is in a constant state of "fingers in the mouth" with these new teeth.

What a cutie!


-Lisa- said...

He's SOOO cute! :) what a growing boy!

ashley rebekah said...

look at those eyes! they're like big blue diamonds... like that gaudy blue diamond in 'titanic'... what was it called? oh yeah, the 'heart of the ocean'. jack has heart-of-the-ocean eyes... mmm.