Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random news

1. My obsession with license plate tabs was indulged today. I passed a car with tabs from last February. What fun!

2. I was bummed that school wasn't delayed today. The closings scrolling along the bottom of the television screen went from "Annandale" to "Becker." I knew it would never happen, though. Anoka-Hennepin either closes or it doesn't. And mostly, it doesn't. None of this "two hours late" crap. Apparently it screws up our bussing system big time. Nevertheless, it took me almost twice as long to get to school.

3. Jackson is moving around like never before. In fact, sitting in class last night, I actually saw my belly move twice. Two big kicks in a row. It was crazy! And I couldn't do anything but continue to listen to a very stimulating lecture.

4. I finished Christmas shopping. I'm happy about that. Now I have a ton of stuff to wrap. I'm not happy about that. I'm pretty sure the cats will scratch them all open.

5. Speaking of the cats, this is their first Christmas experience. Maddie decided the best way to ring in the holiday season was to climb the Christmas tree. Luckily, it was not decorated yet and it is artificial. So, even if it had tipped over (which it miraculously did not), no major damage would have been done. Since that instance, they have only taken joy in removing ornaments and hiding them. They also sleep under the tree--it's their own little forest.

6. Our house is so full of baby stuff. But that's a wonderful thing. We got two big bins of baby clothes from some friends who have a one-year-old boy. There is a stroller. Two different car seats. A big bassinet. A bunch of toys. And so much more. The best part about all of this stuff is that most of it is being lent to us. We are so grateful for friends who share!

I think that's all that is on my mind. I should eat some dinner. Have a happy snowy day! May the plows find your streets!


david said...

I'm surprised you didn't get off school today! It took me an hour and a half to get downtown for a work event today. That was just nuts!

julie said...

loved your thoughts. it's good to hear about your days.

i have my new 2006 tabs in my car right now. i have but days left to put them on. i'll wait until it warms up tomorrow so my fingers don't freeze off!

thought number 5 made me think of my cousin jaime's story about their tree. they had an artificial one that just tipped over one day and broke. jaime tried to act sad but she was super excited because instead of a fake tree, they were replacing it with a real one, which is what she wanted in the first place. i told her i thought she tipped it just to get her tree. it gave us a laugh.

can't wait to hear more.

gloria said...

beautiful to hear your bits of news.