Saturday, April 09, 2005

I went to Haiti today

This morning, eager to once again take advantage of this amazing weather, I took a great walk outside with Dan's iPod (my new favorite toy). I was not the only person with this idea, which was evident as I passed a woman with a stroller, a couple with a dog, and a jogging man. As I neared my turnaround spot, I saw something strange in the distance. There were two black women, and one appeared to be wearing a turban. Weird. As I got closer, I saw the picture more clearly. These two woman had just taken a walk to CVS to pick up some necessities. They walked very slowly--there was nothing important enough to interrupt their leisurely stroll. One of them wore a long linen skirt and worn-out sandals and carried a small bag. The other was similarly dressed and carried a gallon of milk--on her head. Both were very kind as I passed, and we all said hello. I love how unusual it was to see this in the middle of Maple Grove, but how much I enjoyed it at the same time. I was immediately transferred to the streets of Port-au-Prince, where you would be hard pressed to find a woman without something resting on her head. Where it is also very normal to see people taking their time. There is no rush. Some walk without any destination at all. It made me want to be there. But more, it made me yearn for that lifestyle. To take our time. To enjoy each other and the beauty around us.Today I was touched by two gorgeous African women carrying their groceries home. I love the originality of our God.

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-Lisa- said...

Wow... that was a beautiful story. for some odd reason tears just welled up in me. I mean, it's not really odd, but unexpected. I think my heart is so ready to live that lifestyle once again. Today after being back from Chicago, it was hard to work. I feel like I need so much longer of a break to really feel like I want to be back there. I could go on about this, but it's late and I should have been in bed an hour ago. :) talk to you soon my friend!