Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I came across a rat

If there is anything more vile than a real, live rat, it's a dead rat on the side of the road. I passed one today on my drive to work. I really thought it was a squirrel or something, until I saw the huge, unmistakable rat tail. It grossed me out. Then I was reminded of Ken Fong's great words for us. Then, not a mile down the road, I passed a dead bunny on the road. ('Tis the season for road kill aparently?) The dead bunny didn't gross me out as much. It was still dead, but it was a much cuter dead animal than the rat was. The whole scenario stirred up the desire to not be a "cute" Christian, but to admit than I'm not perfect and be okay with not hiding that fact. We all have our own huge, gross rat tails to deal with. Well, hopefully not literally. We can't hide in the fuzzy grey fur and adorable little ears for long!

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-Lisa- said...

I do think it's road kill season.. the other day I saw a racoon roadkill, now those are ugly lookin! :)
ha... well, have a wonderful weekend... if i remember right you're on worship team this weekend... i just know cuz Tim was saying he plays this weekend.