Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Waiting Game

So much of life is spent waiting. Longing. Right now I yearn for summer. Impossible seventh graders and snow in the forecast are trying my patience as I dream of warm sun and ice cream.
Sometimes we can be wonderfully surprised while we are waiting. Such has happened with my incredible husband. Slightly unsatisfied with real estate and stressed about finances, he began pursuing other options a few weeks ago. After more than a few assurances of "I'll mention your name" and "I'll give him your resume," he decided that he couldn't do much but be patient. Of course, he was still active in his search, but he was content that things might stay the same for a while.
Yesterday, absolutely out of the blue, Dan received a phone call from a gentleman in training for some company associated with Best Buy. He said he received Dan's resume from someone, liked what he saw, and wanted to interview Dan. When? Today at 11:00 am. Sure. No problem. Dan took the opportunity in stride and accepted the chance to interview with the (still unknown at that point) company. As it turns out, the job would involve quite a bit of travel, especially in the first six months. But he would be training, and that is SO right up his alley. Heck, he even has a degree in it. We don't know anything about salary or other details, but it sounds as though they are looking for a person to start soon and they really liked Dan. So it's worth a little consideration on our part. Who knows. God does work in mysterious ways.
And now we wait.
Prayers and wisdom are more than welcome. :)

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Jan said...

Go God...

"He knows our frame and how we are made."

I will pray.