Thursday, March 24, 2005

Go to Seattle!

The purpose of posting today is simply to say that if you have never been to Seattle, WA, you must plan a trip out there for sometime in your life. It is incredible. There is so much to do and see and eat. Mountains. Puget sound and many lakes. Pike Place Market (you know, the one where they throw fish!). Views of the Space Needle, the skyline, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Ranier. St. Mark's Cathedral. University of Washington. Coffee shops on almost every corner. Tulip and daffodil gardens in Mt. Vernon. Ferry rides to Victoria, BC. So much fun stuff. We took a much-needed vacation of 5 days, but it felt like a week and a half. It was heavenly. And (major bonus), we got out of MN by the skin of our teeth during last Friday's snow storm. Seattle doesn't have snow. Everything is green. Our last three days were mid-50s, not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, our trip brought us back to MN last night. But it's always nice to be home. :)
So, big thanks to Matt and Sarah for their hospitality and 1000-mile-an-hour abilities. We loved it!
Visit Seattle.

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