Friday, June 29, 2012

It was a boy!

My midwife called about an hour ago. They were able to test the baby itself after I miscarried, and they got the results back this morning. There were 46 chromosomes, and they were able to see an x and a y. Baby Charlie was a boy! Of course, I knew it all along, but it feels pretty amazing to know for sure. It makes a very intangible loss feel more real. It was our son.  


Becky said...

What a mixture of joy and sadness in this news. He was your son...pride and tears all mixed up. Continued prayers for you, friend.

Beth said...

Hugs hugs hugs, sweet mama.

Golap Mohi Uddin said...

Good wishes for you..

Tongue Trip said...

He will come back to you , mother nature heals and gives . Keep the faith.

Lori said...

I'm glad you were able to learn the gender! I lost my first baby boy the day after he was born 3 years ago in November...I just lost my third baby at 12w2 in April. (My second son and first rainbow turned 18 months on the 4th of July!).

I found out on Mother's Day that he was a baby boy with perfect chromosomes. What a gift—my three sons. I just cling to what I know...that God is good (my little lovebug Luke is SUCH proof of that) and one day, we will all be reunited.

But you are right...knowing he was a him a all helps prove his existence and reality even more. Not that I need it...I know! But so that others know as well...he was our son and his name was Trey.

So glad you were able to find out about Charlie!