Monday, July 11, 2011

two years

Dear Leah,

You're TWO! Unfortunately, when you try to hold up two fingers, you look like this:We're working on it. If nothing else, you've got "10" down! When I woke you up this morning, I said, "Leah! It's your birthday!" And you said, "Birthday Birthday Elmo!" You were probably referring to your VERY exciting Elmo birthday party that we had here on Saturday. :) Elmo cake, Elmo cupcakes, Elmo presents. It was a dream come true for my little Elmo fan! But we did not have another Elmo party today. Sorry to disappoint. :)

My goodness, what a delightful 2-year-old you are! You are so quick to smile and laugh and just love to have fun. You mostly love to play with your big brother. And your babies! Oh, you love your babies. We got you a doll stroller and diaper bag for your birthday, and you have been pushing the stroller and carrying the diaper bag for two days straight. So has Jack, actually. Which is fine, but you don't HAVE to share with him. I mean, he doesn't let you get into all of his little tiny lego pieces. So you can draw a line too.

You also LOVE swimming. We are taking swimming lessons once a week this summer, and it's impossible to get you OUT of the water when it's time to go home! Both you and Jack are little fish! We've gone to the beach a couple of times too, but you're not as fond of that kind of water. Pools are okay. :)

One thing I love right now is watching you play with your friends. Sometimes it's just the other younger siblings at the park while Jack has t-ball practice. Sometimes it's when our neighbors Cooper and Carter come over to play after naptime. Sometimes it's when friends come over and bring their little people for you to play with. :)(And it's even more fun when you're wearing matching outfits!)

Well, my dear. It's hard to believe that I'm actually writing your two-year letter. Two years ago, at this very moment, I took this picture:

And this morning when I woke you up, I took this:

MY how you've changed! You are a wonderful, beautiful, smart, amazing little girl. And these first two years of your life have been an incredible blessing to our family. We LOVE you to pieces and can't wait to see what this next year holds. Thanks for being such a sweet heart. :)



Dearmom said...

Your photos are beautiful. It makes me so happy to see a mom who truly realizes the blessing in front of her and finds it important to keep detailed memories.

Mom said...

Ahhh! My sweet Leah! It's almost ridiculous how delightful I think she is!! So sweet. SO funny!! Thanks, Erin, for being such a good mom.

Kiki said...

Wow they are BEAUTIFUL!!

AnneG said...

Oh my! She's just darling! This site saved my life when my daughter was 2. Hope it helps.

Unknown said...

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