Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When your five-year-old knocks your socks off

Last night, I had to run a couple errands with the kids after dinner. Dan was going to be working late, and I needed to stop at the UPS store and the bank. Getting out of the house was proving to be nearly impossible with a crabby almost-2-year-old. And I realized when we got out to the garage that Jack's car seat was still in the WAY back seat from our earlier trip to the new playground at Elm Creek with our neighbors. So I got Leah in her seat and then fought with Jack's seat to get it back where it belongs, all while dealing with a very odd pain in my wrist that came out of nowhere in the last week.

I finally got the seat taken care of, told Jack he could get himself in, and returned to my side of the car. When I got to Leah's door to close it, Jack said, "Mom, is there anything I can do for you right now?"

Ah! What 5-year-old DOES that? He caught me completely off-guard and I audibly sighed, closed Leah's door, and hopped in the front seat. I told him that was very, very nice of him to offer and that I'd let him know if I thought of something for him to do.

I'm sad that I was clearly frustrated enough for my son to recognize that I might need help. But I'm also blessed that Dan and I are raising a boy who is ABLE to recognize when someone might need for him to do something for them. That's what made my heart melt.

He offered again when we got home last night and I finally cashed in on the offer this afternoon and asked him to tidy up the living room. :)


Anonymous said...

Good parenting is hard to come by, and giving him something to do was probably the best gift you could have given him. What a sweet child.
On occasion, my kids will do that -usually out of gratitude for something they've received earlier in the day or week. But, not often enough. Be glad, and know that others notice how great your family is, in the midst of "life."
P.S. - hope your wrist feels better soon.

Heather said...

so sweet.

amy + ryan said...

Oh, SWEET BOY!!!!! I just love that kid.