Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yeah, I'm gonna be THAT mom

So, I'm finding myself in need of some supportive sandals. Sandals because it is (thank you, Jesus) becoming sandal weather. Supportive because my feet hurt after walking around in flip flops for any length of time. I found a pair of brown sandals (which is actually a very funny story and maybe my next blog topic), but I still wanted to find something in black. I didn't have too much luck shopping last weekend, so I've resorted to shopping online. I had heard of a website called shoebuy.com--tons of brands and free shipping both ways (in case of a return). So I entered all of the information of what I wanted--something that came in my size, black, sandals, slides. That still turned up over 800 results, so I had some fun sifting through the pages. I think I found something that will work. It's by Bass, which I've never owned, but it seemed to get good reviews for support and was only $50. (I could have spent mega bucks--there was one pair that was $225--ON SALE down from $450). However, before I found the Bass pair, I came across this one.

Seriously--who WEARS these? I mean, besides the woman whose primary source of income is from an illegal profession.... I can't even imagine. The platform in front is over 4 inches, with the total height of the heel over 8. That would make me 6'6". No thanks! I'd probably be better off in the flip flops.


Heidi said...

I have occasionally (maybe like two or three times) seen girls with these types of shoes on...either at the mall or downtown. I know what you mean, I would totally fall on my face. Funny thing was that the girls I saw these with I don't even think came up to my height with them on, so maybe they had a good reason for wearing them. :)

Also, if you haven't already ordered yours or for future use, try sierratradingpost.com. You kind of have to know what brand you are looking for, but they have high quality shoes like "Earth" shoes at a fraction of the cost.

amy + ryan said...

AH! I HAVE these shoes! Only mine are hot pink and sparkly. In them, I'm about 6'0". You understand. ;)

Yay for supportive sandals! I can't do flip-flops much anymore, either. Sad. Oh, and another good website for free shipping is Zappos.com.

I want to hear the story about your brown sandals!