Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's all in the numbers

12 - My hemoglobin level last week. In the third trimester, they like to see it between 11 and 14.

121 - My glucose level after the awesome glucose screening last week, involving downing 12 ounces of thick, flat fruit punch, waiting an hour, and getting my blood drawn. If the number was over 140, I would have had to go back for a 3-hour glucose tolerance test. Probably involving more yummy drinks.

30 - Weeks along I am, as of this Thursday.

10 - Weeks I have left. Do the math, people. The most exciting thing is that next week, we're down to single digits. :)

75 - Milligrams of Zantac I'm currently taking twice a day. It's been okay until now. I'm think I might have to spring for the 150 mg pretty soon.

23 - Pounds I've gained so far. At 30 weeks with Jack, I'd gained 50, so I'm quite thrilled with the 23.

16 - Approximate number of inches of my sweet girl.

3 - Approximate number of pounds of same sweet girl.

4 - Number of days I'll be working every week in June. Using up some PTO and taking some time to get things done before Leah comes.

45 - Average temperature this weekend in Duluth, where we'll be escaping for a few days. At least we picked the hotel with the awesome indoor waterpark!

Okay, back to laundry. :)


trish said...

YAY for single-digit weeks!

-Lisa- said...

hey, any decisions on the middle name?