Saturday, February 02, 2008

Check out my Widget!

I love the Oscars. And why not share the joy with all of you in the form of a "widget"? :) Yay! Only three more weeks until the best award show of the year! (Pending STUPID writer's strikes and stuff).


mjonthemove said...
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mjonthemove said...

Who's stupid? The writer's or the companies? I support the writer's demanding just and fair compensation for getting paid for things they've written when watched online. The companies are getting paid via advertising on their investment capital. Why shouldn't the writer's get paid for someone using their ideas? I mean, I'll put up with not watching TV because The Moment of Truth is on if it means that fair play happens. BTW, Nice widget. The Oscars always remind me of you, and your excitement for them.

-Lisa- said...

:) sweet erin... i like it.

stupid that it hasn't been resolved yet. although it's nice that i won't be missing SO much since i've not watched a lick of tv.