Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So, I still owe a few things before I can get on to our Door County vacation report.

1) Our week with Marissa, our friends' 2-year-old. Our friends Brant and Nicole went on a rafting trip to the Grand Canyon and left their daughter with us for the week. It was so much fun. We got a chance to try out the "two child" thing, and I think we did pretty well! Both Marissa and Jackson are such easy kids, and they played together quite well.
2) A picture of Jackson pointing to his belly button. Still working on this one. I'll get it soon. I'm very sorry, Mike and Jenny. :)

Now, on with the Door County news. On Saturday, July 14th, we packed up my dad's SUV and embarked on a drive across the entire state of Wisconsin to the peninsula of Door County. Poor Jack didn't know what we were doing to him. Of course we tried to leave around a naptime in hopes that he would sleep well in the car, but that didn't exactly happen. Once he would fall asleep, his head would begin to drop and he would startle awake. But we eventually got to our destination, a lovely little cabin on Clark Lake, an inland lake on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula. We came to learn that the location wasn't very child-friendly, so it was a bit of a challenge keeping Jackson safe and entertained, but we had enough other things going on to make the time fun. The poor boy also didn't sleep very well the whole trip. The three of us had an unfinished attic for the week, and he was just so out of his comfort zone. He never actually napped in his crib, and nights were a little trying. But again, we survived! Our days were spent at a couple different beaches, a couple different petting farms, lots of fun shops and restaurants, and a winery. Here are some photos from our adventure. Enjoy! :)

Kayaking with Poppa. Notice his cute little life jacket--that's his favorite part!

Blowing bubbles with Mimi.

Kissing a bear. What a nice boy.

Bottle-feeding a baby goat at a farm.

A day at the beach!

Just relaxing.

Asleep with Mimi---this is how most naps happened all week.

Gotta love it! A diaper and sneakers. Classy. :)

Driving a tractor all by himself.

Working on the farm.

Feeding friendly goats.

Feeding friendly horses with Uncle Sean.

Dan and me on our 5th anniversary.

One of the happier moments in the car, watching Little Einstein on the DVD player.

Yay! I've been meaning to get this done all week and now I'm done!
Have a great day! :)


-Lisa- said...

one thing I just thought of about this picture... (the very last one of jackson) kinda reminds me of Sloth from "The Goonies"- it's the teeth and expression!

gloria said...

lovely! looks like jr. had a great time. after the kids arrive all the vacations are about them. unless you're lucky enough to sneak off with out them. :)