Friday, June 22, 2007

Lucy's new friend

As I walked by the stairs this morning, I glanced down at the door and saw this:

This is Lucy. It isn't unusual to find her sitting or lying on this landing. There are often birds, squirrels, or other cats that get her attention. This morning it was the adorable little chipmunk you can see on the step outside. Lucy was so fixated on this little guy. And the chipmunk was obviously aware of Lucy, because he was totally frozen.

So, cute picture, cute story. But it doesn't end there.

A few minutes later, I was walking down those stairs to go for a walk with Jackson. Lucy remained fixated on the chipmunk, but the chipmunk could obviously sense my presence and was aware that I was larger than a house cat and could probably inflict more harm than said house cat. So the chipmunk scampered, and at that point I noticed that there were actually two chipmunks on the steps. They were both really frantic and Lucy was just going crazy. If she could have formed words, I'm sure it would have been something to the effect of, "I know you don't EVER let me outside, but PLEASE! Can't you see these perfect little playmates just WAITING for me to join them?! Come ON!" But I didn't listen. I proceeded to the garage, where the stroller is. As I opened the garage door, I noticed that both of the chipmunks had made it to the bottom of the stairs and onto the sidewalk. And they kept going, I imagine trying to get away from Lucy, who, consequently was still safely behind the window and very much indoors. I, on the other hand, was now within a few feet of them. This fact FREAKED them out. I would have thought that chipmunks, especially pairs of chipmunks, would have a game plan to implement when they are faced with impending danger. Well, one had a plan. He scampered back across the sidewalk and under a bush. The other one? Not so much. He decided to run INTO the garage and UNDER the car. I screamed. (It was one of those moments that you forget you are a million times bigger than bugs and rodents and you wonder why they make you scream). Jack was just confused. I grabbed the stroller, put him in it, closed the garage door, and left for our walk. When I returned from the walk, I opened the garage door, put the stroller away, closed the door and went inside. Once again trapping our little friend in his new home.

So, we are now the proud owners of a garage rodent. Hurray! His poor little buddy is probably wondering where the heck he is. :) (Actually, we have a big hole in the seam of cement/asphalt where our garage door comes down, and there is definitely enough room for him to escape. Whether HE has figured out that fact yet remains to be seen).

In other non-related Bennett news:
  • On this day in 1980, I entered the world for the first time. That actually makes it sound like I have entered the world again since then. I haven't. It just sounded like a more interesting way to say that it's my 27th birthday. Yay!
  • Last night was the second week of the Maple Grove Farmers' Market. I was sold out by about 6:30. Yay again!
  • Jackson's new "words" are "uh oh" and "Mmmmm." He tested out the latter after he stole a cookie off the cooling rack the other day. I was doing something in the kitchen and heard from the dining room, "Mmmmmm." I turned around to see him holding a cookie and chewing like crazy. There were two adorable little bites out of it. Oh, too cute. I couldn't be mad. :)
That's all for now. I hope the first full day of summer is finding you enjoying the sun, now that it has officially made an appearance!


Mom said...

On this day in 1980 Dad and I were thrilled to welcome you into our hearts. And you continue to bless us with your sweet spirit. We love you!

-Lisa- said...

lovely erin...HAPPY BIRTHDAY... love you