Saturday, September 09, 2006


So, we've been home since Monday, but I finally have a moment to tell you how great our trip was. Jack was just a little angel, my parents were an immense help, and the wedding was lovely. We even had some time to do the typical tourist things, like enjoy Pike Place Market. And the weather was incredible! Sunny and highs in the 80s with no humidity. And the people in Seattle were so hysterical--this was a major heat wave for them. They were just beside themselves. Hello! Come to Minnesota in July!

Here is how much Jack liked the airplane ride! He did so well!

Jack is playing Peek-a-boo with his Poppa, my dad. You can see a Livestrong bracelet in the background. It's on Jack's list of favorite toys, along with empty Aquafina bottles and remote controls.

Happy baby! Jack spent lots of time sitting and rolling over on the hotel beds. Luckily he never rolled off....

So sleepy! Jack napped here for over two hours!

What a pose, Jackson! Show off those skinny legs. :)

Dancing with Poppa at the reception. His eyes show that it's a little past his bedtime. Stay with us, Jack!

Laughing with mom! Tickles are just more ticklish the later the night gets!


-Lisa- said...

Erin, you look sooo beautiful!! I must see more pics of the wedding! Looks like Jack had lots of fun! :) cute.

david said...

Looks like everyone had fun at the wedding! Great pics!

gloria said...

Jack just keeps getting cuter and cuter! ... and you look stunning! :)

ashley rebekah said...

i know that i'm supposed to be commenting on how cute/beautiful/stunning your baby is, but i simply have to say... you look gorgeous in that dress! i know you're a busy mommy but girl, you gotta dress up more often and work it like you know you should!