Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why I think my dad is awesome

So my dad turned 51 yesterday. And being the adventurous guy that he is, he decided that he wanted to bike a "century" today (100 miles at once). So he planned to bike until he reached 51 miles and then turn around, for a grand total of 102 miles (two miles for every year he's been alive). And he did it! He's amazing. I would have been calling for a ride home at about mile 17. Here's a picture of my dad with my mom and Jack (old picture!). I know, he doesn't look a day over 38, right? :)
Love you, Dad!

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Mom said...

And that woman holding Jack doesn't look a day over 48!! When I got into my car this morning I was surprised to see Dad's truck in the garage. He biked to work! What a nut! But I also think he's awesome.
Love you,