Friday, June 16, 2006

Just cry it out!

As I write this, I am doing just that--letting my little one cry it out. At this point in the parenting game, we know he can sleep through the night. He has done it three times. And he was even getting to the point where he would sleep for five or six hours, get up to eat, and then sleep for another two or three hours. Then a couple of weeks ago, Jackson decided that it was time to revert back to the sleeping patterns of the early weeks of his life. He would be up every couple of hours. It was not fun! Then last night happened. Last night took the cake. Jack was asleep at 10:00, up at 11:45, down at 12:30, up at 1:20, down at 2:00, up at 2:20, down at 3:00, up at 4:15. Finally at 4:45, I gave him to Dan and got about an hour of sleep. At 6:00, Dan decided to call in sick. I had a ton to do today and we were both exhausted. We assumed after a night like that, Jackson would be very sleepy today. Not so. He finally took about a two-hour nap this afternoon and slept for another hour after dinner. He was getting super restless and cranky around 9:00 this evening, so I decided to feed him and put him down. He was asleep when I put him down, and woke up about 10 minutes later. So I decided just to let him figure it out. He's bound to wear himself out, right? I had to come downstairs so I couldn't hear him as well. It's not easy to listen to his cries and screams. So I'm kind of killing time. I'm hoping that when I go back upstairs, he'll be fast asleep. Hope with me....

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