Thursday, June 09, 2005

Again I say, REJOICE!

I rejoice, because as of today, I have survived my first year as a middle school teacher. The last of my seventh graders stopped jumping off the walls long enough to exit the room for good at 3:15. It was a glorious sight.
I've had Alice Cooper's "School's Out for Summer" in my head all day. What a happy thought.
I am still getting a grasp on everything that I'll have a 3-month break from. No more last-minute lesson plans. No more grading mediocre work. No more returning the phone calls of ornery parents. No more answering the same question three times in one class period. No more "I BELIEVE I ASKED YOU TO STOP TALKING!"
It is with excitement that I embark on this summer with grad school classes, painting some rooms in our house, and getting away with my husband. Along with a few birthdays, a slew of weddings, and many backyard barbeques.
I'm ready for a break. Minnesota summer? Bring it on.


-Lisa- said...

YAY FOR YOU!! It's definitely a reason to celebrate... I have an idea, how about dinner at Boston's tomorrow night?! :) haha

Summer's SO here, yeah baby!

david said...

School being out is always the greatest feeling! It is such a freeing experience. I sure wish I had the summer off! I've been meaning to take up a new hobby. Maybe unemployment would be one to look into. I'll have to think about that one.

Danb said...

I'm so excited for you! =)

here's to a wonderful summer!

p.s. Alice Cooper's a christian, who woulda thought... not to mention he's also a golf fanatic. why i know these things... I do not know

Erin Bennett said...

Lisa-Great minds MUST think alike. Boston's for dinner it is!
David-You should think through the unemployment thing before making any rash decisions. We'll chat about more appropriate hobby choices. :)
Dan-You do know a lot of weird things. But that makes life with you very exciting. And I'm glad that Alice Cooper is a Christian. Don't really care about the golf thing.